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Daily Bulletin

New and Timely Information

Hey there Eagles and Pandas! In honor of National Career Development Week, the counselors invite you to explore your futures! In a corner of the library, you’ll find a ton of resources for you to check out and explore to gather more knowledge and information about different careers and future pathways. Make an appointment with us if you’d like more information! Be well and be kind.

Interested in helping improve our campus schedule? Want to get a break during the day instead of go go go all day long? Come to B7 during lunch on Friday to help with the Give Us A Break movement.  Emerson and Da Vinci students welcome!

In honor of Veteran’s Day, there will be no school on Monday, November 12.


Attention 9th Grade boys: Interested in the boys’ tennis team this Spring? Come to an informational meeting this Friday, 11/9 at 4pm at DSHS tennis court #12 (on the east side of the courts). Coach Dale Hersch will share info about the Varsity and JV teams, preseason conditioning and the upcoming spring season. Questions? Email davistennisacademy@gmail.com

DHS Ski and Snowboard Swap - Sunday, November 11 Come to the annual Ski and Snowboard Swap to find great bargains on new and used equipment and clothes, from 9am - 2pm in the DHS gym.  Admission is $5 for the first two hours and free after 11am.  (Kids 10 and under are free).  Proceeds benefit the DHS Ski Team.  Have something to sell or donate?  Visit www.myconsignmentsale.com/dhsskiswap to consign items.  

For more information email bluedevils.ski.team@gmail.com

This Day in History:

A Congressional Act in 1938 made November 11th a National holiday each year, “a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace, and to be thereafter celebrated, and known as ‘Armistice Day’”. Congress amended the bill in 1954, replacing ‘Armistice’ with ‘Veterans’ and November 11th has been known as Veterans Day ever since.

For Parents:

IMPORTANT: We’ve had several reports of cars going well over the speed limit on Eisenhower Ave. There are many students who walk and bike to school, as well as the neighbors who are out and about. Please adhere to speed limits and take extra precautions


NEW digital athletic packets!!  Please use this link to complete the paperwork required for your child to participate in sports at

Emerson/Da Vinci. https://bit.ly/2Acstfb Currently you will still need to pick up a physical form and an emergency card from the Emerson office.  Athletic forms need to be completed in order for students to participate in practice or games!  If you signed your student up online, please send them in to get the emergency card and the physical form.  If you have already turned in hard copies of the athletic forms, you do not need to do the online forms this year.

Students: Remember that phones need to be away during passing periods and at lunch. In classes, teachers will let you know whether you can use them. If you need to communicate with home or parents, come to either office. The goal is to use technology as a tool when necessary, and to not let it run your life. Talk to human beings during the school day

Remember, Eagles and Pandas - ASAP happens after school every day Monday through Thursday in the library, 3:30 - 5:00pm! Come get help with math, get organized, or finish that HW before you go home or to practice!






New And Noteworthy News



Due to to worsening air quality, and out of an abundance of caution, Davis Joint Unified School District, along with all other school districts in Yolo County, is closing all schools and offices on Friday, November 16. 

Over the last few days, DJUSD has been regularly monitoring worsening the air quality and conferring with the Yolo County Office of Education, Yolo County Health Department and the Yolo/Solano Air Quality Management District. The decision to close schools due to air quality is not taken lightly and is unprecedented. Our top priority is the health and safety of our students and staff. 

We anticipate the conditions to improve significantly over the next week and look forward to a return to normal school routines, outdoor activities and athletics after Thanksgiving Break. Any updates over Thanksgiving Break will be shared as quickly as possible with our school community by email and available here on the DJUSD website as well as on DJUSD Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your partnership and understanding. 


Air Quality Update: Schools Remain Open Thursday, November 15

The air quality forecast in our region continues to predict poor air quality levels for the remainder of the week. 

Davis schools will remain open and the restrictions on all outdoor activities will remain throughout the week so as to limit exposure to poor air quality. 

  • Restrictions on outside activities continue:
    All students shall remain indoors - this includes recess, lunch period and physical education class.
  • Doors to classrooms will be kept closed to limit exposure to poor air quality.
  • Outside activities, field trips and sports are suspended until further notice.
  • All athletic programs through Davis Senior High School have been postponed or moved indoors. Keep updated on athletics at Davis Senior High Athletics. 

Parents are advised to contact their school office directly for the latest information regarding school-specific plans about physical education classes, lunch schedules, or other questions and concerns. 

DJUSD continues to monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) and will keep our school community updated with any changes. We recognize that individuals may have questions about their individual student or personal needs and these can be directed to school offices or the Public Information Office at communications@djusd.net.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are decisions made to cancel school?
DJUSD is carefully monitoring the air quality reports and forecasts. Staff continues to consult and confer with Yolo County Office of Education, Yolo County Health Department and the Yolo/Solano Air Quality Management District (Y/S AQMD) to help inform decisions about whether schools will remain open. 

DJUSD is using the guidance from EPA Air Quality Guide for Particulate Pollution (image below) and Yolo/ Solano Air Quality Management District to determine what activities are safe for students and staff to do during the course of the day. We have imposed restrictions and are limiting activities based on the guidelines.

It is important to note that DJUSD has taken an even more precautionary approach by restricting all outdoor activities, even further than the EPA guidance provides given air quality levels this week, so as to limit outdoor exposure during the school day as much as possible. 

If my child stays home because of air quality, is this an excused absence?
Yes. If you report an absence because of health concerns related to air quality, it will be counted as an excused absence.

Do classrooms and school buildings have filters in air systems to block smoke? 
We have filtrations systems on all HVAC systems throughout the District that filter particulates down to three microns in size. 

What if my child has asthma or doesn’t feel well?
Students and staff who have asthma or other health concerns should consult with their health care provider. If students become ill at school they should report to the school nurse or office and a parent will be contacted.

Are there plans to cancel school later this week, since the air quality forecast does not suggest improvements in the next couple of days?
DJUSD is carefully monitoring the air quality reports and forecasts. Staff continues to consult and confer with Yolo County Office of Education, Yolo County Health Department and the Yolo/Solano Air Quality Management District to help inform decisions about whether schools will remain open. We will let our school community know of any updates or changes.



Dear DJUSD Parents and Guardians,


We continue to experience smoky conditions in Davis from the ash blown from the Camp Fire in Butte County.  Throughout this weekend and all through today we have been monitoring the Air Quality Index (AQI) as it has changed.  Today all DJUSD students remained indoors for lunch and physical education class, and doors to classrooms were kept closed to limit exposure to poor air quality.  Forecasts suggest that while winds may cause fluctuations in particulate matter, the air quality will likely remain unhealthy for several days.


All schools in DJUSD will remain open tomorrow; we will continue to monitor the air quality index to ensure safety of students and staff throughout the week.


DJUSD, in consultation with the Yolo County of Education and Yolo Health Department, recognizes the  EPA and Yolo Solano Air Quality Management District (YSAQMD) guidelines available at EPA Air Quality Guide for Particulate Pollution. It is important to note that DJUSD has taken an even more precautionary approach by restricting all outdoor activities, even further than the guidance provides, so as to limit outdoor exposure during the school day as much as possible.


Please know that DJUSD staff at every school site are working hard to monitor student needs and to put student health and safety first.  Considerations to protect children and sensitive groups from smoke, ash and poor air quality include:

  • Keeping children indoors with the doors and windows closed.

  • Suspending athletics and any outdoor school activities during or after school.

  • Monitoring students with medical conditions. Students with asthma, allergies, or a chronic health condition are at high risk from health effects related to wildfire smoke and ash.  Please consult your physician if you have concerns.


If you have concerns for your child’s health or they have medical conditions that may be aggravated by poor air quality, please keep your child home or contact your school office.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact your school office.  


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