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Integrated AIM Home Page

Do you have a AIM or high-achieving* student and want your child to experience the rigor offered through an integrated AIM program?

For over 15 years Emerson Junior High School has offered an integrated AIM/ high-achieving program open to all high-achieving and AIM identified students in the district. 

The philosophy of the Emerson staff is that high-achieving and AIM students benefit from similar instructional techniques as well as the experience of working together.  Emerson values the concept of learning without labels.


* A high-achieving student has earned ‘advanced’ on CST (STAR test) and has an “A” grade in English in their current class.


Features of Integrated AIM

Emerson’s AIM program includes the same features of AIM classes across the district and more:

  • AIM standards
  • Differentiated learning, including compacted California state standards, enrichment, acceleration and increased depth and complexity of thought and fostering student creativity
  • Challenging learning tasks which help students develop high level thinking and academic skills (creating/evaluating/analyzing)
  • Use of SAT/ACT prep vocabulary programs such as “Defined Mind” and “Vocabulary Workshop”
  • Interdisciplinary projects created to stimulate critical thinking between content areas, such as English/History utopian projects, Art/English De Young Museum & Academy of Science field trips, History/Art/garden medieval era unit

Enrolling in Emerson's Integrated AIM Program

Emerson’s integrated AIM program is open to ALL qualified students, both AIM and high achieving. Emerson is the only junior high school with an integrated GATE program, with open enrollment for ANY student in the district. 

If your student is not coming from one of our feeder elementary schools, please fill out an intra-district transfer form, available online at www.djusd.net, or contact Erin Grey- Merritt at the district office to request a form.  AIM students will receive a district form where you can identify Emerson as your choice.

Spanish Immersion & Integrated AIM

  • For those of you coming from the Spanish Immersion Program at Chavez Elementary, choosing Emerson’s AIM/high-achieving program will allow your child to continue in Spanish Immersion while also receiving the benefit of 7th grade AIM English and Science, along with Spanish Immersion Social Studies.

Integrated AIM Course of Study

In the 7th grade, students can enroll in integrated AIM classes in Science, Social Studies, and English. 

In the 8th grade, qualified students are enrolled in an integrated AIM /high-achieving American Studies History/English core class.  Eighth grade science classes include all levels and emphasize scientific inquiry and labs. 

In 9th grade, Emerson student options depend on individual interest. English courses continue with integrated AIM offerings of Humanities and Classics. College prep language and science courses are additional Emerson offerings for high-achieving/AIM students, opening the door to honors/AP courses at Davis Senior High School.  Emerson’s small learning community also provides multiple opportunities for student leadership classes in 7th, 8th and 9th grades.

Upcoming Integrated AIM Events