Daily Bulletin!
Posted on 03/20/2020

Friday, March 20, 2020 Audio Version

New and Timely Information For Students:  

  • Attention all Emerson and Da Vinci Students: We still miss you lots!!  We hope that your family is doing well! Make sure that you are practicing social distancing and helping out as much as you can at home!

  • Grab & Go Breakfast & Lunch is available from 11am - 1pm Monday - Friday at Patwin Elementary, Davis Senior High School, Montgomery Elementary, and Harper Jr. High. Any student (even if non-DJUSD) 18 and under can get these meals. Parents/Guardians can pick-up for students, too. Spread the word!

  • You can still message your teachers and counselors via SchoolLoop or email! We’re all working from home and would love to hear from you! 

  • Students - be sure to input your class choices for next year in StudentConnect. Instructions are on the Emerson webpage; email your counselor if you need assistance!

  • Students and Families: the District will be posting Learning@Home Resources today. PLease check for an email message and on the DJUSD website!

This Day in History:

On this day in 1916, Albert Einstein published his Theory Of Relativity. However, this historic finding would not make Einstein famous for 3 more years! 

Your Daily At-Home Tip:

  • From Ms. Shoemaker: Get some sunshine. Vitamin D levels can affect your mood, and your skin makes vitamin D for you if you spend some time in the sun!


  • Remember to try to keep physically active during this time. Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise (jumping jacks, push-ups, walking, etc) to get your heart rate up. You’ll feel better every day with just a little exercise! 

  • Let’s try a little sports trivia!

    • What is the height of a basketball hoop in feet?

      • Clue #1: the measurement would be 3.048 meters

  • Check out this video for some great PE instruction: https://trib.al/ciTo1S6

And to bring you some joy, here's a video or our fantastic Emerson/Da Vinci JHS Choir and talented teacher Ms. Deem - it's a recording that was completed before the school closures: 

Be well, and have a great Friday..and a wonderful weekend!!