Spanish Immersion Program 

The Spanish Immersion Program at Emerson is designed for graduates of K-6 immersion educational models (such as César Chavez in Davis), and for other students proficient in Spanish through prior experiences.  Students in the Spanish Immersion program develop and refine their fluency and communication skills, as well as academic reading, writing and oral communication skills, throughout their time at Emerson. 

Each year in 7th through 9th grades immersion students take a Spanish class in which they read and analyze literature and informational texts; conduct investigations into current events and themes of interest; and produce essays, projects and presentations; as well as formally study Spanish grammar.  In addition, 7th grade Spanish Immersion students take a year-long social studies class entirely in Spanish. 

All Spanish Immersion classes at Emerson are conducted entirely in Spanish, and students are expected to speak only Spanish to their peers and to the teacher during class time.  Graduates of the Immersion program at Emerson are on track to successfully complete an AP preparatory course and take the Spanish AP exam in high school.  They are also ready to dive into true immersion experiences through study abroad and travel.